One Size Costumes

Height: Up to 140cm or 55 inches

Chest: Up to 68cm or 27 inches

Waist: Up to 59cm

USA: Age 3 to 10 years

Europe: Up to 140cm

Australia: Up to 10 years

Costumes for Age 3 Years

Height: Up to 98cm or 39 inches

Chest: Up to 53cm or 21 inches

Waist: Up to 51cm or 20 inches


Europe: Up to 98cm

Australia - 3

Costumes for Age 3-5 Years

Height: Up to 116cm or 46 inches

Chest: Up to 58cm

Waist: Up to 53cm or 23 inches

USA: Age 3 to 5 years

Europe: 117cm - 128cm

Australia: 8

Costumes for Age 5-7 Years

Height: Up to 128cm or 50 inches

Chest: Up to 62cm or 25 inches

Waist: Up to 55cm

USA: Age 5 to 7 years

Europe: 117 to 128cm

Australia: 8

Costumes Age 7-9 Years

Height: Up to 140cm or 55 inches

Chest: Up to 68cm or 27 inches

Waist: Up to 59cm

USA: Age 7 to 9 years

Europe: 129 to 140cm

Australia: 10

Costume Age 9-11 Years

Height: Up to 152cm or 61 inches

Chest: Up to 74cm or 29 inches

Waist: Up to 63cm

USA: Age 9 to 11 years

Europe: 141cm to 152cm

Australia: 12

Other Information

Washing Instructions

All Charlie Crow costumes can be either hand or machine washed.

It is recommended that your costume is washed inside out at a low temperature on a short wash cycle and hung to dry.

No ironing required!!!!

Do NOT add fabric softener and do NOT tumble dry
Fur pile on the animal costumes should be brushed after washing to restore the pile

Please read the care label inside your costume before washing for the first time


Charlie Crow use man-made fabrics because natural fibres do not pass the strict flammability safety standards that cover children's costumes.

Charlie Crow are environmentally friendly by producing a quality costume to extend its life, which can be worn for year after year

Fur fabrics are 100% acrylic whilst the lightweight suede fabrics are 100% polyester.

The inside of the fur fabric often has a backing that can be scratchy to the skin. After the first wash the fabric will soften. Charlie Crow suggest you wear light-weight clothing under your furry costumes to avoid irritation


Please measure your child from floor to top of head

Each size will fit up to the maximum height within that range.

All costumes are made to be comfortable and are a generous fit.

Some waists are elasticated and hook and loop fasteners are used for ease of dressing and undressing

Charlie Crow Children's Costume Safety

All Charlie Crow costumes comply with toy safety directive 2009/48/EC

Charlie Crow use the following harmonised standards to demonstrate conformity

EN71 - Part 1 2011 - Physical and mechanical properties

EN71-1:2011 - Labelling
EN71-2:2011 - Flammability
EN71-3:2011 - Migration of certain elements
EN14682:2004 Safety of children's clothing
BS 7907:1997 - Code of practice for the design and manufacture of children's clothing to promote mechanical safety

Costume Packaging
Charlie Crow costume packaging is labelled and complies with the following EC directives on packaging and packaging waste
DIN EN 71-3 and DIN EN 1122